Harrows is now not only one of the traditional companies, but also one of the world's largest companies in darts.
Harrows not only produces darts from legend Eric "The Crafty Cockney" Bristow, but also from multiple world champion Glen "Duzza" Durrant.
Up and coming players like Josh Payne have also found a home at Harrows Darts.
Well-known series such as the Harrows Wolfram 97% Tungsten, Supergrip 90% Tungsten or Sonic 90% have been produced and perfected for years.
Not only the well-known series are constantly being improved, but new series such as the Oracle 90% Tungsten, Spina 90% Tungsten or Cobalt 90% Tungsten are also constantly being developed.
Harrows is characterized by a very high quality of workmanship. They have made it their task to meet their high standards.

The weight of the darts only refers to the pure barrel weight.
All darts have a 2BA thread for shafts and thus correspond to the usual size.

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